Saturday, July 31, 2010

Look up

When the music becomes a background to your thoughts,
And the blessing you used to count are now all but lost,
When the strength you once relied on has left your bones,
And your body seems to be crumbling beneath the sticks and stones.

When your giving more than your getting and nothing makes any sense,
And the higher you rise the more the air gets dense,
When life becomes but a stage upon which you cast your sorrow,
And you enjoy today coz you fear for tomorrow.

When all around you the world seems to crumble,
And each step you make us faltering, a stumble,
When all you have left in life is all you wish you didn't have,
And and you do is dream of flying away on the wings of a dove.

When pain is a comfort and death seems like a friend,
And all you can do is hope that it all comes to an end,
When you try all that you can and all feels like nought,
And the music remains a background to your thoughts.

Listen then to the music and feel the wind in your hair,
Appreciate life for living give not your heart a scare,
Believe in yourself even when no one else can,
And trust that all will go as planned.

Let not your sorrow bog you down or you fears your heart fill,
Though the storm be raging around you let your peace be still,
And even when you feel like you don't really care,
Look up, smile and know I'll be there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lorem Ipsum

Pain alone,
Can cover the depths from within which I must be found,
Can break the strains from within within which my love is bound,
Can withstand the trials without a tear or sound,
Can within my circumstances can abound.

Love alone,
Can fight the sorrow that fills me with grief,
Can steal back my soul from the treacherous thief,
Can lift this burden off my heart, give my soul relief,
Can make me remember and give me belief.

Fear alone,
Can cast all the joy from my tear stained soul,
Can stop me from achieving all I can to the whole,
Can break my resolve and make me forget my role,
Can take me over if the position I give it is pole.

Faith alone,
Can lift me from shadows within where no hope lies,
Can give me the power to touch the skies,
Can fly me in the land where no man flies,
Can show me a place where hope never dies.

Worry alone
Can dwell on the problems as opposed to possibilities,
Can make me have doubt in my amazing capabilities,
Can compare my nightmares to possible realities,
Can block all my forward thinking abilities.

Joy alone
Can make me love today and not think about tomorrow,
Can dwell on my happiness and forget about my sorrow,
Can understand that now is for living as every second we have we borrow,
Can know that for it to show then love must grow.

I alone,
Can choose which of the above can shape my way of living,
Can decide to focus on my sorrow or to live in thanks giving,
Can achieve all that my heart has been conceiving,
Can be a master of my destiny as long as I'm breathing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I found a place

I found a place mother,
A place where all is peaceful and all is quiet,
A place where the worlds troubles are no more a bother,
A place where the rich the poor the large the small are all one,
And strife and struggles are all done
Grief and pain are all but a rumor,
I found a place mother.

I found a place mother,
A place where credit is immaterial because none exists,
A place where sorrow and joy are all just memories,
A place with no gnashing of teeth and clenching of fists,
Where the meadows are green and fears are mere stories,
And the lion and the lamb sit next to the panther,
I found a place mother.

I found a place mother,
A place where beauty exists in fear of the same,
A place where all are beautiful and none is below par,
A place mistakes don't happen and no one points blame,
A place where strength is immaterial and no one is a star,
And no one has to hide exactly who they are,
I found a place mother.

I found a place mother,
A place where cruelty is unheard of and kindness rules it all,
A place where the chivalrous win the day and the greedy are trod upon,
A place where pride actually comes before destruction a haughty spirit brings a fall,
Where friends are friends forever and all rifts between people are torn,
And the children there all have a father,
I found a place mother

Come with me mother,
To this land of riches untold,
They say it flows with milk I hope there's honey too,
And we need no money because the streets are paved with gold,
All we will do is sit with the sages of old,
We can all go tell sister uncle and brother,
Come and see the place I found mother.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tomorrow the Sun Will Shine...

Today we see the morning bloom,
The flowers so sublime,
We wonder, it fills our hearts with gloom,
If tomorrow the sun will shine.

Today we see the rainbow,
The earth produce its seed,
Yet the reason we raise our eyebrow,
Is if tomorrow we will be in need.

Today we hear the music,
mellifluous and healing to the soul,
Yet the reason we don't use it,
Is tomorrow is not in our control.

Today we feel the love,
Like no man and no other person can,
Yet the reason our hearts we starve,
Is tomorrow things have to be planned.

Today we have the joy,
Fulfilling to our hearts desire,
Yet the question our hearts employ,
Do we have what for tomorrow we require.

Today we need for tomorrow,
tomorrow we need for the next,
Fills our lives with sorrow,
Taking dreams out of context.

So today see the morning bloom,
The flowers so sublime,
And fill your heart not with gloom,
For tomorrow the sun will shine.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Writing is an Art

Writing is an art, so they said,
And bullied rules and restrictions in my way,
They said each line 4 rhymes,
Each rhyme four times,
For writing is an art to be respected and revered.

They followed me around, noses over my shoulder,
Striving to understand what I wrote about,
They said keep an eye on him he is a rebel,
His thoughts are scattered his minds it swivels,
He understands not writing is an art to be respected and revered.

They listened not to my words as I spake to them,
They reacted not to the thoughts I gave to them,
They said tis corruption of the mind to listen to a lesser,
In thoughts he is weak he cannot address us,
For writing is an art to be respected and revered.

They whispered my name on streets,
They talked of my work in alleys,
They said he knows no rules the world he treats,
Like its in his hands, like it has no boundaries,
He doesn't see writing as an art to be respected and revered.

They warned against my teachings claiming each to be fallacy,
That every word I spoke was to be thrown in disregard,
They said he lies to you its plain to see,
The man is young he knows not, and its quite sad,
That writing is an art to be respected and revered.

He has too much emotion! They claimed in disgust,
He has no style poor structure unlearned,
His lines are too short his rhyme comes too fast,
How on earth can we show this poor young lad,
That writing is an art to be respected and revered.

We sat together both parties of different views,
They showed me Shakespeare Nash Kipling and Macaulay,
I showed the Marcus Kevin Cynthia and Stu,
And we understood on that very day,
That writing is an art to be respected and revered.

They spake some and I spake more,
Expounding on each others styles,
Wordplay wisdom and poems galore,
And I saw though it took me a while,
That writing is an art to be respected and revered.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

La Chaim

A toast to living, breathing, being alive,
To having the strength, heart and soul to survive,
To happy days in the past and better days ahead,
To chugging our bitter ale and eating our daily bread,
To being ourselves and never hiding from the fact,
To keeping our word wether promise, debt or pact,
To friends and family and all that believe in us,
To all our mentors wether lad or lass,
A toast to life and every thing that I think that I am,
A toast to life, a toast, La Chaim!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Gold's Glitter

All that glitters is not gold,
So they say, so i was told,
But is it right to say without being bitter,
That all that's gold doesn't have to glitter?

Will it be true, if I was to ask,
How, through my difficult task
If I stay strong and am no quitter,
will my gold start to glitter?

Don't get me wrong I feel no pain,
It's just not that easy to explain,
See I believed that you weren't a hard hitter
And that is why it's so hard to see, why my gold it doesn't glitter

Taken in, lied to, deceived
Different from all I perceived,
You didn't mock laugh or titter
Just made my gold lose its glitter

So away I went to a brighter day
When all my feelings I'd cast away
Away from myspace facebook and twitter
Away to look for my gold's lost glitter

Maybe I'll return to say hi some time,
When my life has reached its prime,
When my soul has stopped to jitter,
And my gold has found its glitter.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tomorrow's Yesterday

One day in town I met a man
Looking dazed, fazed and beat
In his face was fear,
In his face was worry,
His speech was worn down and slurry.
He told me of the problems that encompassed his life,
How he can't take care of his three kids and wife
He said if time could be rewound redid and reset
There's one thing he would do all over again
"Son," he said "live for the moment, all you really got is today
Store up all your riches in tomorrow's yesterday
Too many times our generation failed to see
That all you really need is right where you want it to be
Pursue your hopes and dreams as far as you will
And though life's storms be swirling, at all times your soul must be still"

Later on in the day I met a young boy,
So full of life, his world of untold joy.
His face showed innocence,
His face showed pride,
His face showed no signs of life's changing tides.
"Hey mister" he asked, this gullible young lad,
"How come you look like you are so sad?"
So I sat down on the pavement and told him a story,
Of how living had lost much of its glory,
How if life could go back and again I'd be a child,
In many ways I'd be way more wild.
I told him I'd live for the moment as all you really got is today,
I'd store up my riches in tomorrow's yesterday,
Too many times my generation had failed to understand,
That if you do your best, life will go as planned,
I'd focus on my strengths and let be my weaknesses,
Tighten my attacks and have way less defences.

I watched the boy as he walked away,
To join his friend at their joyful play,
And I couldn't help but hear, when I strained my ear, just what he had to say.
He said "Live for the moment as all you really got is today
Store up your riches in tomorrow's yesterday"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Plaintiff's Lament

Away with you my learned friend your words they do alarm me,
With syllables long large and wide I'm afraid that they might harm me,
You waltz in here then the words you use to explain my legal problems,
I'd rather you be telling me of simpler ways to solve them

I put you on retainer just to make my problems go away,
And now you act as if I made this deal just of mere child's play,
With your breach of contract, estoppel and doctrines of privity,
each of which to my case just add more complexity.

Your statutory defences, general defences and all types of legal fences,
Make me stand in court and all through my body feel different kinds of tenseness,
Your vicarious, occupiers and neglitory liability,
creating relationships of closeness where none was even there in relativity.

Unhand me you spawn of the legal profession,
As you claim to know what you are doing
All I ask is for a simple confession,
As to what troubles are brewing.

I seek not this legal complexities you shove in my face,
Nor your constantly telling me that my business is a disgrace,
I claim no tables here and I definitely ask for no lies
I only ask for a price that can be found beneath the skies.

So get away from me you over-priced legal dictionary
I see no need to pay attention to your works all fictionary
All I wanted was a simple acquittal
As for the rest, well, res ipsa loquitor

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Just Am

You come in the evening
Claiming to be sad
That you went through the day screaming
And life is so hard
But I just am

You wake up in the morning
All soggy and groggy
And although a new day is dawning
Your attitude is froggy
But I just am

You eat food with such effort
As if coerced by an unknown force
Holding yourself up for support
Lest your milk pours
But I just am

Your sleep is disturbed
As you toss and turn
And quite perturbed
By the nightly fan
But I just am

Your workmates say you work with zeal
That everything you do must excel
And at all moments when they your presence feel
Their work has to be in one of its better spells
But I just am

Your bank account is large
Yet you still ask for an overdraft
And companies seem to merge
To fuel the bottomless shaft
But I just am

You release me for the weekend
And I go back to my home
And dread another week I have to spend
Out in your place alone
Where I just am

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm thinking of you

I'm thinking of you
Though I may be cold and dark
Busy watching as life goes by
Busy being annoyed by annoying people
As life turns and we are shown who we ought to be
What we ought to believe
When we ought to listen
How we ought to behave
Who we ought to associate with
I'm thinking of you
Even if life seems to have turned me into a stone
Hidden from the snares
Please understand
The silence is my shield
The apparent coldness my silent prowess
The minute rebellions against societies norms my cry for attention
And thru all this know
I'm thinking of you
Every morning when I wake up and smell the sunshine
When I decide what clothes to wear
As the water caresses my skin
As I sit in a crowded bus waiting to get off
As I toil and sweat to earn a few meager shillings
As I drag my feet back every evening
As I prepare for the daily rest
As I close my eyes
I'm thinking of you
When I feel like I can't make it through
When I feel like I want to touch the sky
When I cry
When I laugh
When I scream
When I whisper
I'm thinking of you
Every second
Every minute
Every hour
Every day
I can't help it
I'm thinking of you

Monday, July 12, 2010

This poem

This poem began at the beginning
it began with Abraham
and Eve.

This poem spread to the four corners of the world
From Tokyo to Chicago
From London to Capetown
From China to Canada
From Iraq to America
and Arctic to the Antarctic

This poem was written by the marxists and the capitalists
By the nazis and the jews
By the slaves and the masters
By the colonialists and the colonized
By the elite and the illiterate
and by the powerful and the powerless

This poem was an inspiration
It wrote the bible
the koran
the gita
the customary beliefs
the constitution
the unwritten law
and the moral code.

This poem is powerful
it fell kingdoms
brought kings to their knees
conquered entire galaxies
won hopeles battles
liberated the slaves
and freed guilty conciouses

This poem empowers
it gives power to the powerless
faith to the faithless
hope to the hopeless
motivation to the unmotivated
respect to the unrespected
and love to the unloved

This poem is free
it is not bound by the constitution
nor by acts of parliament
nor by moral codes
nor by commandments
nor by rules of poetry
nor by self inhibitions

This poem is you
its me
its the person walking down the street
its the first to check in in the morning
and the last to go to sleep at night
its the hand that shoves youe face in the dirt
and the one that pulls you out.

This poem wil be despised
it will be preached against by pastors
it will be rejected by the elite
it will be feared by the mases
it will be hidden by the leaders
and talked about in whispers

This poem is religious
it is christian
and pagan

This poem will be feared
it will strike fear in the hearts of kings
cause devils to shiver
give dictators goosebumps
it will make grown men hide in their rooms
and wariors retreat

This poem will be merciful
It will give the starving child food
the homeless man a home
the hopeless mother hope
the struggling artist a break
and the faltering step stability

This poem will be firm
it will not waver under pressure
it shall not change its stand
it will not conform to idealists of society
it will not act to please
but for itself

This poem will speak
it shall not be silent
it will curse kings while in their thrones
C.E.O's while in their offices
presidents while in power
priests while in their sanctuaries
and assasins while they have their guns.

This poem will be adored
it will be sung in the streets by children
it shall be whistled in the corridirs by cleaners
it shall be used in adverts by companies
it shall be used to let politicians further the trade
and be told and retold by grandparents at the fireplace

This poem is understanding
it showed Colombus America
Vasco da gama India
it declared defeat over the nazis
and trumpled over communiust rule
it brings people to power
and from those with too much it takes away

This poem is artistic
it wrote Vivaldi's 4th
and Beethoven"s 6th
it painted the sistine chapel
and the Mona lisa
It wrote J.K Rowling's harry potter
and Dan Brown's Da Vinci code

This poem is a love story
it is Romeo and Juliet
It is Jacob and Rachel
IT is Ryan Rynolds and Sandra Bulocks
it is grandma and grandpa

This poem will frustrate
it will eat at the hearts of men
it will cause ladies to tear at their hair
and children to cry
it will cause the elite to pore over it at night
and teach the learned

This poem will love
This poem will free
this poem will educate
This poem will frustrate
This poem is long
This poem is over.

All that's left

In shadows we claim promises
Silent vows of love whispered
Amidst temporary opiatic highs
Shallow breath taken in
Unspoken promises
Unseen vows
Unheard oaths
Held tight
While dark shadows of light dance on the walls
Hidden by flowery lies
Which like crushed petals
Sweeten the scent
If only temporarily

In light we claim attention
A passing glance
A chance meeting of the eyes
To be heard when spoken
Amidst throngs of people
Of which who claim the same
To the natural eye hidden
Yet alive in plain sight
In six inch heels and four inch skirts
In ten pound chains and twenty pound shoes

In darkness we claim love
The soft touch of a caring hand
Slowly exciting though eeringly fast
Always an adventure to each time the same
The voice on your ear pleasing to hear
soft reassurances whispered
Steady rise and fall of chests
Like the tide on an ocean beach that comes and goes
Passion burning within you like a fire
Then like the same dies out
And all that's left
Is light for within which to claim attention
Shadows for within which to claim promises
Darkness for within which to claim love
And love for within which to find acceptance


Now see how the bright stars shone for us
How the night for us did glow
Now watch how the days seemed to pass
How fond of each other we seemed to grow
Who knew that one day we would be apart
Who knew that one day you would let me down
For every thing endeth that has a start
And all that soars must come down

Now see how the dark nights haunt me
How the whisper at night seems so loud
Now see how your tears are falling
Now feel alone in a crowd
Who'd know the days existed
When both lived entwined as one
And every moment together our hearts lifted
Like our time would never be done

Now watch as each new day unfolds
As we toil through our tasks and troubles
Now watch as the misery locks our minds
As we struggle with pains untold
Who knew the day would come
When all would come crashing down
When an end would come to our term
And every smile would turn into a frown

Now watch as the wounds are slowly healing
As joy slowly seems liked an option again
Now watch as frowns slowly fading
And and life seems to take away the pain
Who knew after a time
The world would cease to look so bleak
and lemon would turn to lime
And things wouldn't be as thick

Now watch as the scars are forming
As the normal turns to taboo
Now watch as the rage that was storming
Becomes your love's Waterloo
Who knew the cut could go so deep
And penetrate the very bottom of your soul
And though lifes valleys be so steep
I now see why you had to be so cold

Now see how you claim to have moved on
How life has treated you well
Now see how your heart no longer is torn
Between the bitter past and the current spell
Who knew the that one day
After all would have seemingly passed
You'd realise that apart from the different shades of grey
The scars forever they last.