Monday, September 27, 2010

Shocking the airwaves....

Hope you are all doing good welcome to poetry radio,
Where our pens are our studio,
Our our ink is our audio,
And our thoughts are our medium.
On this station you will hear nothing but the purest of emotion,
You will see nothing but the most sincere devotion,
You will feel nothing but thoughts with no complication,
Because here,
It is unrefined,
The words that come are that much more defined,
The flow you feel is that much more divine,
Words that age slowly and age like fine wine.
Here on poetry radio your mind is your microphone,
Your playback comes through silky smooth like a saxophone,
And as it echoes round the corridors others join because its never alone,
Never by its own,
And while we may not bless the airwaves we will caress your mind like hair weaves,
Stimulate your thought like bubble gum,
Yet we won't stress you like a math exam,
For here on poetry radio we are real,
For we feel with our minds and touch with our hearts,
And though our words may not be kind we are playing our part,
So stay tuned for more poetry that can liberate you if only for a while,
Stay tuned for freedom, don't touch that dial.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just a little more...

I write this poem a little slower so it can have a little more emotion,
Maybe a little more feeling for a little more impact,
I use a little more devotion and ask for a little more attention,
Because the message I spread is a little more important and needs a little more of you to react,
So I'll give just a little more.

We wake up in the morning a little busier so we feel a little more sleepy,
Work a little harder so we can die a little faster,
Meet our children a little less frequently because our boss is a little more creepy,
Connected a little better due to technology but communicated a little less due to our psychology,
Because we are afraid to give just a little more.

We breathe a little deeper so we can climb our mountains that got a little steeper,
Buy a little more alchohol to throw our troubles a little further down the bottle,
So we can worry a little more when we wake up because we drank a little more than we could take up,
Little girls wearing a little more make up so they can look a little more grown up,
So they can get to do just a little more.

So as we get a little older the world seems to get a little colder,
We wish we could be a little bolder so as to carry a little more world on our shoulders,
So we find ourselves a little more stressed because we think we are a little less blessed,
Young boys are a little more depressed and end up with old diseases like cardiac arrest,
Because they couldn't get a little more.

Still we continue to search for a little more paper so we can get a little greater,
Maybe have a little more haters but live a little larger,
We do things a little more immoral and say things a little more unbecoming,
Lower our values just a little more and accept a little more indecency,
Just so we can get a little more.

Every day that we do a little more in every way so we can get a little more for what we say,
But maybe if we were a little less busy and made a little more time,
We would be able to live a little more life with a little less strife,
Maybe do things with a little more ease have a little less disease,
Have a little less contempt and be a little more content,
If only a little more.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Death He Spake

In sweet surrender I succumb to my sorrow,
Regretting remembering so I return all I borrowed,
Embracing my insecurities internalising my inabilities,
Accepting my place in society and looking not for possibilities.

In sweet surrender I accept my defeat,
Understanding life is a journey I am about to complete,
Forgeting my fears and fantasizing about my future,
Concentrating on contemplating on how this moment the world will capture.

In sweet surrender I begin to bow out,
Silently I go I will not scream I will not shout,
Preparing my past to meet what lies ahead,
Preparing my soul to discern the biscuits from the bread.

In sweet surrender I take my leave,
Wasting away in the tangled web of lies I weave,
Beating myself for breathing my breath,
Wearing a chain where soon will be a wreath.

In sweet surrender I walk away,
Vexated by my vulnerability as pouncable prey,
Entrenched in the enigma that lies in the entreating pastures on the other side,
Like a shark caught on the wrong side of the reef and its low tide.

In sweet surrender I say goodbye,
Take up my coat and wipe the tear from my eye,
Believe its better if I bow out now,
While I still stand while I still move the crowd,

In sweet surrender I succumb to my sorrow,
Put my past behind me and prepare for tomorrow,
Understanding there are things my size and those that are bigger,
In sweet surrender I put this gun to my head and pull the trigger.

Friday, September 17, 2010

How are you?

"Hello, How are you doing?"

And for a second i think it is worth the mention,
Maybe i really should Answer that question.

I'm doing terrible,
I can't help but weep because my emotions are a bit feeble,
I'm running out of breath like i just did the steeple,
I can barely keep up my happiness facade in front of all these people,
Trying to keep my deeds good while i live amidst all this evil,
My boss is breathing down my neck to deliver more than what he pays me for,
Every single evening i have my landlord banging away at my door,
Asking for the rent which i barely can afford,
My parents don't talk to me let's say I'm not the child they adore,
I can't get a girl and i don't even care anymore,
I am emotionally run out because I have cried all i can,
And they say because I cried i can't claim to be a real man,
That I don't deserve the respect I demand?

Then the thought evaporates just as it came it went back to the blue,
And i decide to answer with something a lot more untrue,
I say "I'm doing swell how do you do?"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To the graduate...

I know you think you have heard it all before,
Through the several parties and the speeches galore,
But if you took a second to listen to one more boring old man,
I will give you my two cents the best way I can.
They say when you graduate it is not the end, in fact its only the beginning,
Soon you will have to balance a job, a family and that alone can keep your head spinning,
Soon the things you have come to learn will all seem to make less sense,
And you will find out that most of the things people say are said out of pretense,
Soon the walls you built to protect yourself will fall down brick by brick,
And you will have to build new ones in their place that should be twice as thick.
Soon you will understand that not everybody can be understanding,
And in everything you do society will be quite demanding,
Soon you will see that patience really is a virtue,
And most people that make you smile just want to hurt you,
Soon you will come to appreciate your parents more and more,
And you will see the wisdom in the words of men of yore,
Soon you will find that you have to fight your own battles,
And no one else will be there you have to protect your own chattels,
Soon you will know that you need people around not matter how small they may seem,
And its not as easy as it looks to catch your running dream,
Soon it will look like life has knocked you down to your knees,
And what was first smooth sailing won't come with such ease.
At these times child I tell you take heart let not yourself be troubled,
For to he who works twice as hard the reward will be doubled,
So even when you are knocked back and you feel like you will fall,
Get up off your knees, puff out your chest, look up, and stand tall,
Let nothing block your sight get the past out of your eyes,
And focus on the prize until your dreams you realize,
Just keep going nothing will be given you on a silver platter,
But most importantly forget not it is the little things that matter

Friday, September 10, 2010

Through his eyes

I see a lot in the town,
I see ladies walking down the streets with heels longer than their skirts,
I see people with sorrows yet never once showing a frown,
I see several people like characters in a play playing their several parts.
I see tall buildings and large billboards,
I see numerous cars speeding down several roads,
I see crowds of people moving but going nowhere,
I see maps of the town with arrows saying you are now here.
I see masks of falsehood covering bitter pasts,
I see men holding on to jobs that will never last,
I see families falling apart because they can't talk to each other,
I see spouse betraying spouse and sister betraying brother,
I see joys divided and sorrows multiplied,
And all our bloody acts now seem to be dignified,
I see men burn out and die all in search of a penny,
And I see many many men who still don't have any,
I see beautiful lands with beautiful animals,
I see them led to slaughter to feed all the cannibals,
I see lovers holding hands showing the power of this force,
I see fifty percent of these marriages ending up in divorce,
Yes I've seen many things in this beautiful big city,
For some I feel joy for some I feel pity,
Yet the one thing I see that keeps my head spinning,
Is this city's degradation is only just beginning.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Mask Collection

I have a mask collection which I keep in my cellar,
Which I wear at different times depending on the moment,
I have a collection of masks the biggest ever seen,
They cover the little person that I am deep within.

The black mask covers my innocence,
My apparent fear of the violence that surrounds me,
My subordination to the insolents around me,
My fear hidden in the silence that I'm dumbfounded in.

The white mask covers my guilt,
Things done that I'm not proud of yet necessary for continued existance,
In satisfaction of my endless needs and justification of my bloody deeds,
Things that stemmed because I sowed a bad seed.

The yellow mask covers my sorrow,
My fear that grows due to an unstable tomorrow,
Depression at the passing of a loved enemy or a hated friend,
Or just plain sadness that is seen because my joy is at its end.

The blue mask covers my joy,
A well placed frown when deep down inside I might be smiling,
Though my eyes might be crying my soul will be flying,
You may say be nice but really I'm trying.

The purple mask covers my poverty,
Buying a ten thousand shilling phone to load with five shilling airtime,
Having a Ralph Lauren wallet but only thing in it is spare change,
Getting chains for my neck at the risk of shackles for my ankles

I have a mask collection way back at home,
And you will never find me without one on,
So please understand why the mask you have to see,
Its simply because I'm not sure you would like the real me.