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I am a writer. But basically the fact that you are reading my blog tells me that you already know that. So let me tell you something new. My fascination with life is mainly about what makes us. Us. Human. One civilised nation. Or so I was told. If strength comes from seeing and with seeing comes believing then what really makes us strong? Faith? Emotions? Friends? If everything boils down to acceptance like everything really does then why are we here? To make money? Enough money so one day we shall be able to buy all the millions of people that come for our funeral a sandwich and a cup of tea .... right?

So what is human nature? As in really? canivorism? capitalism? If society is built on a series of norms or trends ,if you will, that make up the basic structure of society then is it safe to say that the grundnorm is looking out for number one? Making money? Being popular? But as i said earlier it all boils down to one thing. Acceptance.That is why I write. That is why I think. So maybe one day I will unlock the answer to why we are here. Maybe I will find more questions. Maybe I'm just crazy. So don't let me depress you after all im just a young writer trying to do his thing. Maybe one day you will get accepted, or at least enough to buy someone a sandwich and a cup of tea at your funeral.

For all you prose lovers my prose can be found here

All in all hope you enjoy the poetry.

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Michael Onsando