Sunday, August 29, 2010

The law of the city...

Now this is the law of the city,
As old and true as they are fly,
And he that shall break it I pity,
For he that shall break it must die.
As the shopper that scurries through the supermall,
The law is swift and precise,
For its all for one and one for all,
In these streets that can be cold as ice.
Talk mainly to family and close friends,
Open not your heart to a stranger,
And though with them you may pretend,
Speak not lest you find yourself in danger.
Flirt not with anyone else but the wife,
And let not the secretary catch your eye,
As any man will tell you in life,
Its hard to discern a friend from a spy.
Stock right is the right of the broker,
For he knows how to play the game,
Dealing his money like a game of poker,
You dare not deny him his claim.
Child right is the right of the mother,
From every ex husband she may claim,
A big portion in terms of alimony,
And none may deny her the same.
When car bashes car on the highway,
And both claim the right of way,
Tis to be settled by the insurance company,
They shall have the final say.
The head of the house is the father,
His ego you must stroke,
So as to keep your family going further,
So as to keep you from going broke.
The head of the house is the father,
But where he is pulling you down,
The divorce court may tear asunder,
Leaving the mother to hold her own.
Disturb not the independent woman in her office,
She is ruthless and will tear you apart,
And though all reasons may suffice,
You want not to play with her heart.
Now these are the laws of the city,
And many and mighty are they,
But what takes the cash, what carries the kitty,
Is boy you better obey.

Friday, August 27, 2010


They addressed her by her state of dress,
Or should I say undress?,
Her micro mini skirt caressed her thighs,
And seemed to press and supress her feminity that wanted to burst out.
You see the slit on her skirt and the fact that she was a flirt didn't help matters
In fact it played a big part in completing the work of art she called her career,
And so she played her part and raised her skirt and put on a million shilling smile.
And that is how they received her,
And even though she believed in her skills and talents and intellect,
They just believed in her "skills" and "talents" with interest,
Never seemed to be taken seriously,
Except when her boss wanted to take her, seriously.
Frustrated at her bosses why can't they see her for her mind?
Frustrated at her colleagues why won't they include her in their work?
Frustrated at her clients why won't they believe she will deliver?
So none believes her and all receive her,
And the slit on her skirt recedes higher and higher,
For that's the only way she knew the world will accept her,
Forced to be a corporate prostitute she lives her life,
Living for one motto that she sticks to through and through,
Her motto being: the shorter the skirt the better the view.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scratch to reveal

Sometimes we put up walls just to see who will take them down,
Sometimes we isolate ourselves to see who is ready to seek is out,
Sometimes we tell lies just to see who cares about the truth,
Sometimes we act depressed just to see who will make the effort to soothe.

Sometimes we pretend not to speak just to see who hears the silence,
Sometimes we break the peace just to see who stops the violence,
Sometimes we cover our faces just to expose our souls,
Sometimes we show all our aces just to see who takes advantage.

Sometimes we find it hard to distinguish the truth from the lies,
Sometimes we accuse the innocent and get angry when he denies,
Sometimes we show the sides that we want no one else to see,
Sometimes we act like we are the person we want to be.

Sometimes the true us just lies beneath the surface,
Sometimes the one person we need is too scared to show up,
Sometimes we really need to show someone how we really feel,
Sometimes all you have to do is scratch to reveal.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Live in a Crazy World

We live in a crazy world,
Where the boastful are elavated and the humble trod upon,
Where happiness is over rated and joy is frowned upon,
Where peace must be created through war that's never won,
Where all things are somehow related and from all good some evil is born,
We live in a crazy world,
We breathe this crazy air,
In all our despair we take it all in,
Multi tasking and fighting at the speed of light,
As still the world spins faster and faster and gives us a fright,
Feed the dog feed the child feed your boss,
Choking due to the complexity of your plight,
We breathe this crazy air,
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale,
Slower and slower drowning due to our despair,
In this crazy world.
We live with crazy people,
The neighbours kid can't stop banging on the walls,
The mother in law is just against you ever having a ball,
The boss is anxiously waiting for you to fall,
The wife isn't giving you any, none at all,
We live with crazy people,
And though we be feeble we stand,
With these crazy people,
And inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale,
This crazy air,
In our crazy world.
We lead crazy lives,
Get up in the morning and dash to the office,
And struggle the whole day through hoping it will suffice,
Go home cook clean watch tv and go to bed,
Only for eight hours to wake up and do it all again,
We lead crazy lives,
And struggle to survive or not bite off the heads of,
All the crazy people,
So we inhale, exhale, inhale exhale,
This crazy air,
For really its all we have,
In our crazy world.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Morning prayer

Dear Lord,
I'm thankful for the prayers you answer but even more,
For the prayers that you decide to ignore,
Which when answered all they would do,
Is multiply my problems by two,
I'm thankful for all the wealth you've given me,
For all the days you've carried me,
But even more I'm grateful for the health you given me,
That I walk everyday on my own two feet.
I'm thankful for all the joyful conversations in my life,
The peace with all my peers,
But above that I thank you for all the arguments,
That help me see where I have gone wrong.
I thank you for the smooth sailing,
For making my burden easy and my yoke light,
But above that I thank you for the trials that encompass me,
That mould me into a better version of what I should be.
I thank you for my friends who encourage me to grow,
For they are the only ones before who I can let my feelings show,
But I thank you more for my enemies who try to bring me down,
For without them I wouldn't want to prove I can hold my own.
I thank you for showing me the way,
The truth that I know is right,
And I thank you for giving me a choice,
To stumble through the darkness in search for the light.
So I thank you Lord for all you've done to get me to where I am,
But I thank you more for what you've not,
For that made me a man.

Friday, August 13, 2010


If ever a word were used to describe a dame,
That captured her beauty and elegance as it flowed,
That caught her intelligence as clearly as it showed,
Then that was the word for you they proclaim.
You walk like a queen with your head raised high,
Yet you act like you owe everyone a favor,
You don't ask for attention but you demand your respect,
To put it straight, your perfect.
You befriend everyone you can none is your enemy,
Yet you don't associatte yourself with complacency,
You know who is straight and who is suspect,
What can I say, your perfect
You dine with kings yet keep your common touch,
And Tom Dick and Harry all fight to get up your skirt,
Your always alert and just smile as you flirt and playfully turn them down,
You never get mad or even a little upset,
Maybe that's why I think, your perfect.
You look in my eye and expect a reply,
To the question which I never even heard,
And it is quite absurd as I can't find the words I so wish to say,
Maybe I will tell you I love you maybe I'll say your the best,
But the words that would be truest if spoken,
Would simply be, to me it seems, that darling,
Your perfect.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Everybody Dies

Everybody dies,
The man that tells the lies always gets caught in the end,
The bird that never flies will be shot down at some point,
The child that never cries will never open his lungs,
Where down his head he lies shall be his final home,
Everybody dies.

Everything gets old,
The new car once sold loses half of its value,
Stories once told loose all of their suspense,
What at first look was gold might end up getting you upset,
And what once broke the mould is now the mould itself,
Everything gets old.

Everything wears down,
The new pavement in the town now trod upon and finished,
The beautiful evening gown whose value quickly diminished,
and turns to brown that which was once white,
And ending in a frown that which was all smiles,
Everything wears out.

Everything ends,
The man who money spends gets broke in the end,
The powerful bond between friends broken by a single deed of mistrust,
And he still has to mend he who bought highest quality,
And we see a trend all through the world,
Everything ends.

Everybody dies,
He who buys and buys takes nothing to the grave,
He who denies himself lifes pleasures ends up the same,
So who do we try to please who do we try to deceive,
Time to open our eyes and ask why bother?
Everybody dies.

Friday, August 6, 2010

This is just a verse

This is just a verse,
A nurse to the soul to make the body feel whole,
To add onto power and politics and show their defining roles,
To release your tension like walking on burning coal,
Sacred as seen in ancient scrolls,
This is just a verse.

This is just a verse,
Has the lady looking through her purse for some coins to by a ticket,
The brother calls another to another to hear me speak it,
The words from the heart so I just have to start and not really think it,
And with pauses for effect so the words just sink in,
This is just a verse

This is just a verse,
A blessing not a curse, it makes your being feel alive,
Words together stuck to create, relate and dictate how much I thrive,
Taking you on a mystical journey until at last you arrive,
To the place where only the strong survive,
This is just a verse

This is just a verse,
So put your fear in reverse take a seat and relax,
Listen to the poetry and fly away, sway, feel the wind on your backs,
Let the words carry you to another day another place, another country, another world,
And feel it, hear don't just listen take the words not for facts,
After all,
This is just a verse

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ever Wonder...

Ever thought what it would be like to see the world through someone else’s eyes?
To feel, touch, hear and understand why they tell their lies,
To view yourself only as others view you,
To see if you really act as they say you do?

Ever wondered what would happen if you stepped into another’s shoes,
Exchange what at the beginning you thought were contrasting views,
To walk down the street visible to all,
For just one moment people to answer your beck and call?

Ever thought of what it would be like to exchange brains for just a day or two?
To think like only the other can do,
To speak like Obama or play like Mozart,
To stare at an empty canvas and produce a work of art?

Ever wondered how it would feel to have a talented pair of hands,
To see a piece of wood and make beautiful lamp stands,
To till on your farm and reap what you sow,
Or work on a garden and watch tulips grow?

Ever had that feeling that all you do can’t really cut it, is never enough,
Like you’re in the dog fight and things are just too rough,
Like all that you’ve had is all that you will ever get,
And heights that you strive to will only end in regret?

Ever thought that out there somebody might be looking at you?
And wondering how you do the things you do,
Wishing they could live your life for a day or two,
See the world through your imperfect view,
Ever thought that the somebody you want to be might actually be you?