Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Wrote This Poem

I wrote this poem just because I could,
Because the words in my mind aligned just the way they should,
Because the sweet sounds and the short syllables,
Were eating at my mind like animalistic cannibals,
Because the time, rhyme and meter,
Swirling in my head sounded sweeter and sweeter,
Because the words took me to that land that is constantly tuned to the words the bird sings,
That place where Richard of York goes to battle.... And wins!
So I wrote this poem,
It wasn't inspired by some tragic event or bittersweet love story,
Nor by some deep thinking of how life has lost its glory,
It doesn't have a twist, its story has no clever turn,
In fact, truth be told, I wrote this poem just for fun.


  1. And it does sound like fun! I liked the Richard of york line... I guess i have no more comments....oh, I still hate the way you make it look too easy.

  2. You do like the theme writing for writing's sake, don't you? And I agree that words will eat at the mind of the one who doesn't put them on paper (or perhaps into the song or painting or mime...) like animalistic cannibals.

    Yay to the piece!

  3. Ed... Looks can be decieving. Though yeah it was fun. :-)

    Wambui.. I love that theme sometimes I just write because the words have come to my mind not because I was touched by some event or something.. Yayy to the piece indeed

  4. Richard of York. lol. I can't even remeber that complete rhyme. Good stuff. Good flow. :o)

  5. Richard of york gained battle in vain... I remember :-) Thanks :-)

  6. "Because the sweet sounds and the short syllables,
    Were eating at my mind like animalistic cannibals,"

    Thats the feeling!!!

    I echo Wambuiwairua too.....

    Funny how we can write about writing and still make it beautiful...

  7. Anything you write about in its own way has its own beauty. You could write about writing about writing and it would still look nice. Thanks J :-)

  8. so sweet r the words,for i am tempted to read it thru' the tenth tym

    that's a gr8 piece Michael!

  9. More white and red than doves or roses are.


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