Thursday, March 24, 2011

C'est La Vie

And in the 9th month,
On the 9th day,
A child came forth,
And all were gay,
And they named him after his grandfather,
For he was the family legacy.

The boy grew quickly,
The boy grew strong,
The boy, never sickly,
The boy grew tall,
And they accepted him,
For he was the family legacy.

The boy, no longer a child,
The boy quite wild,
Eager to learn the ways of men,
Struggled to kill a lion in its den,
And they initiated him,
For he was the family legacy.

The boy, now a man,
Needed to get his own life,
Initiated a cunning plan,
To get himself a wife,
And they helped him,
For he was the family legacy.

The man changed,
His fears uncaged,
Wife beater, drunkardly,
His ways, dastardly,
And they excused him,
For he was the family legacy.

The man now dead,
Lived almost a full life,
They say it was in his bread,
The poison made by the wife,
And they mourned him,
For he was to be the family legacy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Father Forgive Me

Father forgive me,
My eyes have wandered,
My mind has done worse,
The lies I have told,
I might be destined for a curse.

I have doubted my friends,
I have mumbled at my parents,
I have flounted my strengths,
Failed to acknowledge my talents.

I have sneered at the poor,
Shunned away the street beggars,
Steered away from the less fortunate,
Kept the company of society's 'betters'.

I have dined with kings,
And lost my common touch,
Lined my path with false identity,
Lost my soul in a futile search.

I have lost my head to my enemies,
Searched for peace through vicious battles,
Given myself for a couple of pennies,
Given up when faced by simple hurdles.

I have gone against what I believe,
Caved in when against the wall I was pinned,
Torn my soul to serve false purposes,
I'm at your mercy, I have sinned.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Courting Death

I met a lady earlier on today,
She said her name was death,
Her eyes were blue, her hair, light grey,
Her voice sweet, with minty breath.

She walked with me along my path,
Made sure I did not stray,
And when I waned to come back to earth,
She pleaded me to stay.

Her meals were lovely I must say,
She made a divine spot of tea,
So I told her that one fine day,
She must come and dine with me.

She sighed and sipped her wine,
A smile upon her face,
Said with all men she must dine,
At a chosen time and place.

Then, in the same manner as she came,
The lady was up and gone,
Leaving me, a man slightly less sane,
With a soul slightly more torn.

Now I walk this path of mine alone,
Longing for the smell of minty breath,
For the scent of that musky cologne,
For my final meal with the lady, death.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Over This

Like the drunk, now sober,
My luck, a four leaf clover,
I no longer need your shoulder,
I’m over this.

Like a child who busts his parents,
Telling him Santa is a figment,
Telling him his skill is not a talent,
I’m over this.

Like a little girl who threw her teddy,
She is growing up already,
For the world, she might be ready,
I’m over this.

Like a worker once fired,
Days before he is retired,
Got more than was required,
I’m over this.

Like a poet once rejected,
Writes more than was expected,
Years later, words upon reflected,
I’m over this.

Like a the lamb, once slain,
That will rise and rise again,
Until a lion it became,
I’m over this.

Like you left I’m moving on,
My life, is going on,
You may think my heart torn,
But I’m over this.

On the inside I am fighting,
Yet still for you I’m writing,
These words need no reciting,
I’m not over this.