Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Will Not Write A Poem About You

I will not write a poem about you,
Describing your elegance in words and structure is just to hard,
I will not write my words because in their truth they will be untrue,
For words to describe your being have never been heard,

I will not sum you up in a couple of smart lines and clever rhyme,
To do that will only be little the wholeness that is what you are,
I will not limit you to strict metre and measured time,
Because to me you are more than that, you are a star,

You are more than a poem and more than an emotion,
More than some silly words that do nothing but claim devotion,
More than I could write, more than Shakespeare could too,
More than all this because you are you.

I will not try to put to song how close you are to my heart,
To put to ballad words that may or may not be true,
To say how close it feels even though we are apart,
I will not, can not, and must not write about you.

See you are more than a song more than anything anyone could sing,
More than a melody or the joy to your heart it brings,
You are more than the colours of the rainbow, you are primary like red yellow and blue,
More than all this because you are, you.

That is why I will not and cannot write a poem about you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Retelling History's Tales

I am retelling the tales of history,
Telling you his story her story,
Of the knight of valour and glory,
Of kings in their thrones and mesiahs in stables,
Of sticks and of stones and of long told fables,
I am retelling the tales of history.

Telling of damsels in distress and wise men from the east,
Of dungeons and dragons and of pious priests,
Of prophets in caves and of genies and fairies,
Of witches and hunters and of princesses' diaries,
I am retelling the tales of history.

Telling of generals in their battle fields and pawns in a game of chess,
Of heroes unsung and lies that we must confess,
Of brothers and sisters and survival in jungles,
Of good ladies and kind misters and why ladies wear bungles,
I am retelling the tales of history.

Telling of beasts and beauties of deserts and forests,
Of those injured in the line of duty and the evil empress,
Of weakness and strength of courage and character,
Of what happens at length after the happily ever after,
I am retelling the tales of history.

Telling of luandas and omosakhulus, of robins and nottinghams,
Of suicides and bombs and rebel soldiers up in arms,
Of fleeting thoughts and joys and sorrows,
I am telling the stories they will tell tomorrow.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hopes and Dreams

I fear,
That one day I might be unable to stand up and be counted,
That one day I may be unstable and will not be well founded,
That I may wake up one morning and find myself hiding behind a trash
pile somewhere in the streets,
That the sticky feel and the damp wet smell will seep into my abiding
and I will have no shoes for my own two feet.
I fear that one day I will have to look up and beg just to sustain my
own existence,
That I will witness the pity in their eyes and still beg with no
internal resistance,
I fear that one day I will not be able to stand up and fight my own battles,
That even on that day I fight I fear I will have not a chattel,
I fear for tomorrow,
I fear for today,
I fear to borrow,
I fear for what I should say.
And hence I toil,
Wake up early in the morning to perform back breaking duties,
See myself better here than all the other sleeping beauties,
I toil for my children, I toil for my wife,
I toil for my parents, I toil for my life,
I toil that I may succeed, I toil that I may never fail,
I toil for my pride that I end not up in jail,
I toil out of fear of what life is and it seems,
I toil that I fail not to realize my hopes and dreams.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One True Love

Hello my love,
Said I to fate,
And she served me my head on a silver plate,
Chopped skewed boiled and ready to eat,
She said if you want to go anywhere it won't be a simple feat,
So I rejected her love and stayed true to the streets,
Snatched every single victory I could in defeat,

On to the next one!

Care for dinner? I asked infinity,
And she took advantage of me, raped me, stole my virginity,
Told me that to make in this vicinity I'm going to have change who I am,
So I rejected her love as well and stole all the joys that I felt deep in me,
Found my comfort in understanding who is this person I call me,
Understanding who is the real me.

On to the next one!

What about a movie? I said to destiny,
And she took me under her wing brought out the best in me,
Saw what the rest didn't see,
Stood the test that was testing we,
Brought out my better and hid my worse,
Stole my fears and lifted my curse,
And so I found my love,
Hiding deep inside of me,
Hidden deep down, I found destiny.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Want to Experience Life

I want to experience life.
I really do.
I want to feel the emotions that others claim to feel,
I want my feet to dance to the music of the heartbeat that my forefathers danced to long before I was born,
I want my eyes to appreciate the delicate brushworks of the numerous pieces of art,
I want my tongue to taste the delicate dishes of the finest gourmet legacy, pleasantly upon my pallet,
I want to hear the greatest speeches of all time moving charistmatic and all,
To hear Hitler speak against the Jews, Malcolm X tell us of ballots and bullets,
I want to experience life.

I want to go on a safari in the deepest and darkest of the Amazon,
To touch the boar in its lair and view the lion in its kingdom,
I want to walk through the halls of kings presidents and diplomats,
Go for state Dinners, lunches, brunches and breakfasts.
I want to meet head of corporates, staunch capitalists,
I want to discuss profits losses and quarterlies.
I want to experience life.

I want to study religion, meet the Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, scientologists, atheists, deists.
I want to see mercy, love, hatred, fear, anxiety, hope.
I want to see Mohammed in the desert, to see Jesus being crucified, to hear Gandhi talk of compassion, to see paradise/heaven or whatever it is,
I want to experience life.

I want to find a purpose that consumes my very existence,
Find a reason for living that is worth taking the bullet for,
I want to be able to say words profound without being asked to expound,
I want to find reason that won't have me sitting back and feeling torn,
I want to one day sit back and say "that was the day I knew why I was born"
To dance with the devil and dine with the gods,
To toy with destiny and prance with fate,
I want to experience life.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who Are We?

We are,
Creatures with a deep seated spirituality,
Out of touch with reality,
Creatures of hot heads and highly combustible tempers,
Regretting when the fire dies out and all that’s left is embers.

We are,
Beings of a superior nature,
Built with higher levels of intellect although not of stature,
Content in being at the top the food chain,
Beings that understand that the key to success is try, try again.

We are,
Animals bipedal, a hop skip and jump ahead of the rest,
Intellectual beings when put to any kind of test,
Subjected to our future and bound by our past,
Characterized by out ability to love and to trust.

We are,
Homo Sapiens squared because on sapien wasn’t enough,
Built to toil to death from birth,
Hoping for a better future because we know hope is all we have,
Standing on a pedestal of pride because we are too mighty to serve.

We are,
The human race and aptly named too,
Living life on the fast lane yet never getting to out destination,
Like a dog that chases its tail we go round in circles,
Covering miles of ground yet gaining no yardage.

We are,
One civilized nation or so we claim,
Man trumps on man none are the same,
Feeding off each others’ fears, who is to blame?
But ourselves, for we are, simply, a shame.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Whisper

A whisper,
Barely audible yet spoken from the soul,
Responded just in kind from a voice with a similar mind,
A hand held,
A heart felt,
Warm smiles accompanied by soft sighs,
Words and numbers exchanged with deft swiftness,
Lunch movies dinner all at his expense,
Quiet evenings spent giggling at the night sky,
Words exchanged, pleasantries not so pleasant anymore,
Amidst the how did we get here and you don't feel me anymore,
Whispers rise steadily to an ultimate crescendo,
Words cut through the very depths of existence,
Then accepted,
And somewhere in all this a single word stills the storm,
A whisper,