Friday, August 6, 2010

This is just a verse

This is just a verse,
A nurse to the soul to make the body feel whole,
To add onto power and politics and show their defining roles,
To release your tension like walking on burning coal,
Sacred as seen in ancient scrolls,
This is just a verse.

This is just a verse,
Has the lady looking through her purse for some coins to by a ticket,
The brother calls another to another to hear me speak it,
The words from the heart so I just have to start and not really think it,
And with pauses for effect so the words just sink in,
This is just a verse

This is just a verse,
A blessing not a curse, it makes your being feel alive,
Words together stuck to create, relate and dictate how much I thrive,
Taking you on a mystical journey until at last you arrive,
To the place where only the strong survive,
This is just a verse

This is just a verse,
So put your fear in reverse take a seat and relax,
Listen to the poetry and fly away, sway, feel the wind on your backs,
Let the words carry you to another day another place, another country, another world,
And feel it, hear don't just listen take the words not for facts,
After all,
This is just a verse

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