Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leave the Hall Light On

Mother I am a big boy now and I understand most of what is spoken,
I know there is no Santa nor any boogeyman threat,
And I know there are no monsters hiding under my my bed,
I know there's no giant waiting to grind my bones to make his bread,
And I know I can't run as fast as the man that was made out of gingerbread.
I know that the figures on my wall are nothing but shadows,
And that there's nothing but cows in the grassy meadows,
I know that children don't come from storks and aren't bought from the supermarket,
And I know that girls are actually human beings just programmed a bit different
I know that fairies don't exist, unicorns too,
And that people work for their dreams and don't get them from wishes coming true,
I know that the toothfairy is just you and father trying to make me happy,
And don't even get me started about the Easter bunny.
I know the sounds in my closet are just effects of our weak walls,
And I know there's nothing to be feared of darkness, nothing at all.
But please do me a favour that you won't regret,
When you go to sleep leave the hall light on, in case I forget.


  1. What?! Unicorns aren't real? Liar!!! I know they are, they're just very good at keeping out of sight.

    I like this piece :-)

  2. hahaha.. after all that, you still wanna" leave the hall light on",??

    I love this one Woozie hadnt seen it


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