Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Language of the Earth

I met a man,
Who spoke out his words in a verse,
He spoke them true,
He spoke them clear,
With a rhyme every time,
His words music to my ears,
He spoke the language of the earth.

I met a young lady,
Who spoke her words through music,
She sang them sweet,
She sang them mellow,
Her voice made my knees turn to jello,
She spoke the language of the earth.

I met a girl,
Who spoke her words through art,
She drew them large,
She drew them fine,
Her art aged well, just like fine wine,
She spoke the language of the earth.

I met an old man,
Who spoke his words through crafts,
He built them complex,
He built them elegant,
Wether the sleek mockingbird or the mighty elephant,
He spoke the language of the earth.

I met a young lad,
Who spoke his words through sport,
He played them athletic,
He played them all,
He would work wonders with any type of ball,
He spoke the language of the earth.

I looked in the mirror today,
And spake these words to myself,
I play no sport,
I speak no verse,
I sing no music and never excelled at arts and crafts,
But one day, I too, wil speak the language of the earth.


  1. Aaah man!!!

    This is classical-poetry in the truest sense of the term. The kind of writing that made me fall in love with writing.

    The kind of writing that the masses can relate to. Depth without dizzying effects. Instils hope. Everyone and anyone can use it as an anthem.

    Yours sincerely,
    The Great Elephant.

  2. Man!!

    That is the kind of comment that keeps me writing.

    The kind of comment that puts a smile on my face. :-)

    The not so great, not quite an elephant.

    p.s Thanks :-)

  3. Reminds me of old one, 'I speak for the bush,' now, i'll speak for the earth! :) , on point!

  4. it's beautiful.
    i wish i had something more profound to say other than i like how i felt when i read it.

  5. That in itself is profound enough.... thank you

  6. Dude, I will make your head swell at this rate!! Another lovely piece :) I am in the process of making a blogroll, I've been putting that off for a while, but your blog makes the cut. The theme is mice and simple, in line with the subject matter of the blog. It makes the poems seem even more beautiful. Good work Michael!

  7. Why thank you... Yes, you are turning out to be quite nice for my ego. Simple is my style glad to know you are enjoying your trip. Tell your friends who will.. (see comment on your blog)

  8. Now I am curious, who do you read? I have a feeling that you read very good books.

  9. Let us make a shorter list. What don't i read? I read everything. Take in the good leave the bad. Although I have a special affinity towards Grisham, Clancy, Paulo, Chimamanda, Kipling, Gibran and it just hit me that i could write this list for 2 days straight and not be done. =)

    I do, however, take your statement as a compliment. Thanks.

  10. love the flow and how it keeps me in suspense for the it!!:)

  11. You're already speaking the language of the earth.


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