Friday, January 14, 2011

A Solo Tango

Whispers fill the air
Of how the day was lived
Full of life from the crook
Naked bodies swirl in the water below
Twisting as though the spill of water through them tickles

Every now and then
The rest take a jump
Maybe involuntarily
But they dive into the water and
Dance a tango
Of broken twigs and flowing water

As the great oak babysits
Sure that they’ll still leave.

By Wanjiku Mwaurah See more of her poetry here or there


  1. Alright I'm guessing these are leaves/twigs you speak of?I'm lost but i'm loving it!There is a story in there, I can almost read it but you hide it like touch-me-not leaves that shyly curl at touch..wewe wanjiku wewe huwezi andika kitu straight forward? hehehe I kid!

  2. When am starting the poem, i think of the times when i sit down after a long day,looking at the things that made it a day and those that bit chunks from it- then the poem drives my mind from thinking about th day as mine, but as natures- nature reflecting on a day lived-appreciating it in its own way-- however, when we get to the oak tree, the last statement imenikanganya(sure that theyl still leave) n i think it carries a lot of message whch shdnt be ignored- i love the idea of an oak tree babysitting !

  3. @Wanjeri... & @Myink..,
    hehe kitu straight forward ni ngumu kupata saa ingine :P

    i also almost always manage to get lost in it too, but the scene is by a river and the trees overlooking it drop twigs ... these twigs will really never swim they are dead but in the poem
    they swim and even dance they strip and do a skinny dip. in the poem they come alive,

    the oak tree in my head is THE tree great big mother tree, so it watches as the trees shed , watches as the twigs swim but realises they no not they can't swim and soon the current will take them away...

    interpretation is left at the discretion of the reader... could be a dream / fantasy that youy are sure will never go far.. or will... or friends.... take your pick and run with oit.

    Appreciate your opinions though and for trying to understand it!! am humbled

  4. Waaarrr!! Am lucky i came back to comment after wanjiku wrote that down, otherwise is me is/was lost sana!!
    I guess now it makes sense. I think of it like these projects we undertake and they eventually fail or they end and we have to let go. Just like the oak grows twigs then watches them flourish and break off eventually, it has to let go, thats the beauty of life...
    Again, wanjiku thou had lost me


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