Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Father Forgive Me

Father forgive me,
My eyes have wandered,
My mind has done worse,
The lies I have told,
I might be destined for a curse.

I have doubted my friends,
I have mumbled at my parents,
I have flounted my strengths,
Failed to acknowledge my talents.

I have sneered at the poor,
Shunned away the street beggars,
Steered away from the less fortunate,
Kept the company of society's 'betters'.

I have dined with kings,
And lost my common touch,
Lined my path with false identity,
Lost my soul in a futile search.

I have lost my head to my enemies,
Searched for peace through vicious battles,
Given myself for a couple of pennies,
Given up when faced by simple hurdles.

I have gone against what I believe,
Caved in when against the wall I was pinned,
Torn my soul to serve false purposes,
I'm at your mercy, I have sinned.


  1. You have mocked the shy narcissist
    claimed her genius was a lie
    you have been mean to children
    you've eaten too many fries.

  2. You have ranted and raved
    Yet failed to rhyme often
    This literary sin,
    Shan't soon be forgotten

    (me likey!!)

  3. I have met the twins,
    and they made fun of me,
    I feel like my sins,
    Might become a permanent part of me.

    (you thought I was going to go down without a fight?)

    Thanks, both of you =) keep reading, tell your friends...

  4. Michael...this is the deepest ive seen you search....wow...am stunned... :)

    You gave up on love,
    and forgot HE above...
    but finding your way back
    through the paths of black...

  5. Thanks :-) I see everyone adds a verse... well, i have the poem :p

  6. I have stumbled into your world,
    Of prayers, cries and lyrical word
    I stake a claim, I shall never depart
    This home of rhyme and smart

  7. Welcome to the club :) Spread the word!.


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