Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Bud

A little bud,
Longs for the day it will be a flower,
The day its petals will spread,
And all say twas its finest hour,
Little does it know,
That beauty comes with a price,
That when it opens up to follow the sun,
The gardener shall pluck it,
And put it on a table,
Slowly to die,
To reminisce on its life,
And wish it had remained,
A little bud.


  1. short and to the point just like a cup of cappuccino.I like.

  2. So delicately beautiful!

    I sense symbolism but I can't tell exactly what you are alluding to; so many possibilities...

  3. endless possibilities.. :-) Thanks for stopping by

  4. That's a risk one has to take, stay forever in the shadows or stand out and risk having your head lopped off. Hmmm. I pick the latter.


  5. iLike? like iPod? hmm :-) thanks for reading though... spread the word..

  6. Short and sweet...the optimist i am see that the bud reincarnates...set out for a new journey!!!


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