Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birds That Pray.

Beneath clear starry skies,
The lonely mocking bird it flies,
Who? The owl it asks perplexed,
As the woodpecker lies still in its nest,
The eagle way, way, way up high,
Silently stalks, for prey is nigh.

The grass wet with morning dew,
Silence broken by the cocks cock a doodle doo,
The dove, the canary and the cuckoo,
All enjoy their beautiful view,
The eagle way, way, way up high,
Silently stalks, for prey is nigh.

The hummingbird does its backward flight,
The albatross soars all day and night,
The hawk eyes the mice, and the baby rabbits hopping,
And they all stop and ask, who killed cock robin?
The eagle way, way, way up high,
Silently stalks, for prey is nigh.

The vulture feeds on remains leaves nothing but bones,
The pigeon brings joy to several homes,
The parrot can't stop talking, since Polly has a cracker,
The swan graceful as always, the duck can't shut its quacker,
The eagle way, way, way up high,
Flies content, a bird satisfied,
Amidst all this scampering on a branch,
From way up high the eagle sees lunch.

The chicken is slaughtered makes one hell of a meal,
The swallow is mellow, its soul needs to heal,
These fowl are quite foul, these birds oblivious,
The world around seems so mysterious,
The eagle way, way, way up high,
Points his nose and takes his dive.

The dove preaches peace, the ostrich can't fly,
The penguin in his tuxedo, the raven stands by,
The turkey is suicidal, the sparrow claims taboo,
Yet still the parrot talks on with its tails untrue,
The eagle climbs, the air gets thinner,
In his talons, it has its dinner


  1. Wow! I absolutely enjoyed this one!

  2. I was hoping you'd wake me up with a poem. :o)

  3. Wambui (feels so weird calling you that) Thanks.. =)

    Not-so-shy narcissist ... Glad to know that I didn't disappoint =)

  4. Jacque once said you can't write about dogs knowing nothing about them, one has to bark for a while.
    Clearly you did your home work...really REALLY nice piece.
    I like how the other birds are just alive but the eagle is focused and aware. Again, you leave me pondering

  5. Birds fascinate me, in fact I just le and think about birds sometimes. The eagle, is most intriguing to me, hence the stress in the poem. Thanks dude.

  6. As Baru said, clearly, you did your homework!!!


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