Thursday, February 17, 2011


When the sun has shown the last of its rays,
Lazily pulled itself over the hills,
When the wind has blown all it can,
And in the quiet of the eve all is still.

When the city streets are still and uninhabited,
But for the few that lark in the shadows,
When between the sheets is where all can be found,
And even the sheep are asleep in their grassy meadows.

When darkness dawns and covers the sun,
Leaving other stars to fight for second place,
When curtains are drawn and lights unlit,
And all that can be heard is the sound of silence.

As crickets play their music, their melodies sweet,
As if to welcome the cold of the evening,
The clock ticks in tune, it simply cannot resist,
To join this wonderful meeting.

As birds of the dark watch the night sky,
Making sure its not stolen while the world rests,
As some dogs silence their bark while others don’t,
While their owners patience is put to the test.

While dastardly dreams happen under disheveled duvets,
And men face their triumph and disgrace,
When all seems like it has settled down,
In that silence, I find my solace.


  1. Lovely poem Michael. You are really talented! :)

  2. First things first.... will you ever move to wordpress? Just asking so that I can prepare myself early enough.... I have a feeling you will say no though...

    Anyway, to the poem....sizzling comfort...does that advjective even make sense there? But that comfort is very comforting..there I go again..but you get the drift right? .. and it is the best time to write....

  3. Bree... Thank you :-)
    Jacque... No, I doubt I will ever move to wordpress. It is definitely the best time to write. Though interestingly bus rides home come a close second.

  4. I love how you use language.I find solace in silence too.Noise makes me irritable.So do some people.

  5. Why thank you. Noise too has its time. As does silence =)


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