Friday, July 22, 2011

My Five Links

This is completely unorthodox of me and probably the only post I will ever put up here that requires me to do anything more than write a poem. I mainly agreed to this outlandish request by @arungaian because I knew it had been a while since I had managed to put together a proper piece of poetry (read all about that here) and it gave me an opportunity to let those who haven’t had the time to go through my blog’s archives do just that.

Basically this is one of those round games that you normally see on facebook. You know the drill if you are tagged you must do it and I seem to have ignored quite a large amount of those in the blogging circles so allow this to be my first, and probably last, of the kind. One last thing, if I already saw your five links on your blog odds are I won’t tag you at the end. Let’s see what other guys have to say.

So without much further whacking of the stick around the little shrub here we go:

1.     My Most Popular Post
Well, it depends on how you define the word popular but seeing as the way to measure a blog’s success is by its statistics I can only assume that this particular query means that I am to speak of the post that has had the highest number of hits on my blog.

In that case then it must definitely be Tempted by Trust. By a large margin I must add.

2.     Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved
Again it got the attention it deserved but didn’t get the attention I expected. I think whoever created this game was very careless with how they framed their words. (that would probably by this guy here). Anyway, I might as well stop being trivial and sounding like and old hag.

The post that I think should have been read more? I have just the thing, All That’s Left. Although The Dreamer is a close second.

3.     The Post Whose Success Surprised Me
Refer to my sentiments in number 1 on the question of success. That being said I would be best of here going with I Wrote This Poem, mainly because it was just a reaction to someone who was insistent on the fact that poetry must strictly have some sort of politically aware or social message. So I wrote something just because I could.

4.     My Most Controversial Post
This will probably be it. There’s not much controversy in the comments section of the blog on many an occasion though people have come up to me and raised critical issues that they noticed in my poems (that even I didn’t think of when writing).

That’s why my most controversial post, even if the comments may show otherwise, was, and still is, Language of The Earth.

5.     The Post I’m Most Proud Of

As a writer I am probably sentimentally attached to all my poems. Even the ones that don’t make it here and end up somewhere on my laptop gathering, well not dust but the software equivalent. I have been criticized many times for being a tad bit too rigid in my writing and following of certain traditional poetry rules. So one day I got mad and wrote a free verse poem. Just to prove I could and I was utterly proud of myself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, A Little Bud.

Now I must elect five other people who I think should do the same, and who I read of course. So here goes:

I think that will be all.

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